How we build the best custom battery packs

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                                          How we build the best custom battery packs

Step 1. Defining your goals explicitly (with a spec sheet) leads to great things

  1. If the pack is commercial, who is your end-user?
  2. What are the three most important factors for your custom battery pack to succeed?
  3. What is your biggest worry concerning your battery pack project?
  4. What are the most extreme environments your pack will go through? (Temperature, dirt, water, radiation, vibrations, etc.)

Step 2. Problem solving and the configuration

Once we fletch out a specification sheet for your liion battery pack we can move on to the next step which deals with the following design and more technical points:

  • Configuration
  • Cell choice
  • Form factor
  • BMS (battery management system)
  • Smart charger
  • Special requirements

Step 3. Price of custom battery packs

The price to create custom rechargeable battery packs is dependent on many variables and is always custom quoted per project. Costs are determined by:

  • Cell cost
  • Special materials or components, unique features
  • Quality control requirements
  • Testing and certification
  • Packing, shipping, customs

Step 4. Building sample 18650 battery pack

After your specification sheet is laid out, your technical specifications are settled, and you know exactly what it will cost to produce, a sample is created. Testing the sample is done in-house and is sent to your door wherever you are in the world.

Step 5. Iterate and full production

Samples and designs are iterated until the product is finalized. Production may begin any time after designs are finalized and pro forma invoice is signed, 

Step 6. Quality control & after-sales support

On-going QC with custom terms and dedicated English-speaking support. Specialized quality control, UN certification, explosion, vibration, high-discharge tests, and more services are available at request.