How to choose a battery

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7 ways to pick a battery

Lithium batteries are divided into lithium ion batteries and polymer lithium batteries. The electrolyte of the lithium-ion battery is flowing, and the electrolyte of the polymer lithium battery is solid. Therefore, the lithium-ion battery is more unstable than the polymer lithium battery. It may cause damage to the battery when it is hit by an external force or a charger that does not meet the standard. explode.

1, look at the appearance
All genuine mobile phone batteries should be neat in appearance without redundant burrs. The outer surface has a certain roughness and feels comfortable to the touch; the inner surface is smooth to the touch, and fine longitudinal scratches can be seen under the light.

2, look at the logo
For the original battery, its surface color and texture are clear, uniform, clean, and free of obvious scratches and damages; the battery label should be printed with the battery model, type, rated capacity, standard voltage, positive and negative signs, manufacturing factory name.


3, look at the protection device and observe the abnormal situation of charging
Generally, genuine mobile phone batteries should have an overcurrent protector inside, which will automatically cut off the circuit in case of excessive current caused by external short circuit, so as not to burn or damage the mobile phone; lithium-ion batteries also have an overcurrent protection circuit, when using non-standard electrical appliances, When the AC current is too large, the power supply will be automatically cut off, resulting in failure to charge, and the battery can automatically return to the conduction state under normal conditions.

4, life Cycle Durability 
The durability of a battery becomes an even more important consideration when it is the primary battery used in a circuit. Even with secondary batteries used in circuits, it is important to note how long a charge-discharge cycle lasts and how many cycles the battery can run without damage.


5, whether the capacity is clearly marked
A lithium battery without a clearly marked capacity (such as 2200mAh or 4400mAh) is likely to be a garbage battery reassembled using inferior battery cells or recycled battery cells. There are many cheap lithium batteries on the market, which are made of recycled or disassembled battery cells. Although the price is cheap, they have a short lifespan and unstable quality. Careless use may damage the phone or even explode.

6, whether to guarantee the standby time
The standby time refers to the continuous use time from the time the lithium battery is installed in the mobile phone to the next charge. Generally, the lithium batteries sold in the market cannot guarantee the standby time for customers. This is because of the unstable quality of the batteries. Many cheap batteries use poor quality battery cells, so the standby time is very short.

7, whether it has a safety protection circuit
The characteristics of lithium batteries determine that lithium batteries must be equipped with protective plates to prevent lithium batteries from overcharging, overdischarging, and short circuits. Lithium batteries without protective plates may be deformed, leaked, and exploded. Under fierce price competition, various battery packaging factories seek lower-priced protection circuits, or omit this device at all, making the market flooded with explosive lithium batteries.