Phone batteries use the top 10 mistakes-Battery maintenance

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Smart phone battery USES top 10 mistake and maintenance method

Worried about the lack of battery life?How to use cell phone battery how to maintain is best?Some people use all kinds of methods to make mobile phone batteries live longer. For example, indoor temperature is the best temperature for a smartphone battery.Keep in mind that the phone is already hot at run time, so don't give it extra calories, or cold to lithium-ion batteries, and enemies.But heat is more damaging to batteries than cold.But are they all right?Xinwei will make your mobile phone battery life longer and longer lasting!

One, the battery has "memory"?

People often think that we have to "train" the phone's battery to make sure it can charge as much power as possible.To do this, people regularly "bleed" the phone's battery and fill it with it.When the battery is more than 50 percent, people don't plug in to recharge.

The idea is that, over time, the battery produces a memory.This view is wrong.If the battery reaches 80 percent, it can continue to charge, without damaging the battery.

Summary: lithium batteries now have no memory function, so users can charge them with a charge (it looks like they are going to get rid of the habit of not charging)

Two, a miscellaneous charger will damage your battery?

While some miscellaneous chargers are not ideal, some will take longer to fill the battery.However, as long as you use it correctly, the charger won't damage the battery.But be aware that when choosing a backup charger, you need to find the charger that works for your device.

Also, be careful not to buy a charger that can take up to 8 hours for 15 minutes of charging.

Summary: friends can safely purchase the phone's non-original charger, but those chargers with excessive exaggeration are not to be trusted

Do you charge the battery?

This view is wrong!Most smartphones are now smart enough to know when the battery is saturated and then stop charging.Still, there is a way to extend battery life.

Instead of charging every night and night, try to charge 40 to 80 percent of your battery in most cases, so that you can make sure your battery lives as long as possible.

Summary: the battery will not be damaged by charging all night, but the battery life will be greatly reduced in the long run, so we should try to avoid charging the whole night to extend the life of the phone

4. Don't charge on one side while using your cell phone?

You might think that using it while charging your phone will have a bad effect on the charging quality of your phone.But unless you're using a bad charger, that's not accurate.But whether you're using a phone or not, the battery will recharge as expected.

Conclusion: if your phone is charging, you can actually do anything with your phone

5. Shutting down your cell phone can cause damage to your battery?

If you don't use your phone for a long time, the battery will definitely run out, but if you turn off your phone every once in a while, there's nothing wrong with it.

If you want, you can turn off your phone and take out the battery, which won't affect the battery.In fact, for some phones, a simple reboot can also help restore battery function.

Conclusion: although there is no such misunderstanding, it is not harmful for batteries to shut off the cell phone

Six, you'd better be full of batteries before you start using your phone for the first time.

Many people think that when we buy a cell phone, the first thing to do is plug it in.Keep in mind that the best working state for a smartphone battery is 40 to 80 percent of its power.

Given that most of the mobile phone when leaving the factory, there are 50% of the battery, so you'd better look at the instructions: if you are using a new smart phone for the first time, the battery power less than 40%, you may want to consider to take back to change, because the battery has been used.

Conclusion: buying a new phone doesn't need to charge 100%, how do you use it

7. Battery life will be prolonged in the refrigerator?

Some people might try to put the battery in the freezer for a while, thinking that it would be possible to use the battery for a while, but that would not work in the past, and certainly not for now.In fact, lithium ion batteries are adversely affected by "hot" and "cold".

The phone is already hot at run time, so don't give it extra heat, and the room temperature is the best temperature for a smartphone battery.

If we're in the process of climbing, don't put your cell phone in a sealed plastic bag, and while it can prevent the phone from getting into the water, seal it up, and the heat affects the phone and the battery.Because heat is more damaging to batteries than cold.

# summary: mobile phone batteries overheating too cold or will bring damage to cells, so try to keep in normal temperature, avoid using cell phone is too long, when fever can turn off unnecessary daemon, or open the rear cover heat dissipation) #

8. The biggest consumption of the battery?

In fact, the consumption of mobile phone battery is the biggest.The graphics engine is actually a huge energy dissipation system.

If you often play games on your phone, you'd better dim the screen.But if you're charging and playing games, that's fine.

And it depends on what we watch on the Internet.If we watch video through YouTube, or online games or other activities that involve a lot of graphics, the battery power will be fast.

Summary: to save electricity to avoid long time playing games and watching video, or to dim the phone screen is also a way to save electricity.

Nine, turn off WiFi, bluetooth, GPS can extend battery life?

Error!The real power consumption of these services is that users are using them.If we just turn on the bluetooth, but we don't use it, we don't consume too much power.They may consume a fraction of the amount of electricity, but not all of a sudden.

Conclusion: if you want to really extend the battery life, the best thing to do is to dim the screen brightness of your phone

10. Task management software can help extend battery life?

Third-party task management software has no effect on battery power.These task management software can allow or disable some tasks.Ultimately, however, they didn't have much of a built-in system to help with battery life.

You may need third-party apps to better manage your apps, but don't expect them to extend battery life.

Conclusion: I believe that using application management software to help save electricity is a lot of people's mistakes. In fact, this kind of application is only the management program

Above is xin wei small make up to bring you the ten pitfalls of mobile phone battery, believe to be able to help prolong friends smartphone battery life, and smart phone batteries and smart phones for the use of these batteries have improved every year, after the battery will be more powerful.

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