The Brife Introduction of Mobile Phone Battery

2017-06-07Back to news

Mobile phone battery industry in China started since 1999s. Mobile communication industry have developed very fast since 2008, especially the explosive growth of mobile phone market, which made people draw more and more attention to the mobile phone battery. As the technology update, mobile phone batteries have already been diversified since 2013, which can be divided into internal battery and external battery. The internal one is the direct part of the cell phone when you buy it, and the external battery is to be sold separately in recent years. It refers to a battery that can be configured directly outside the phone to use.

At the end of March 2008, China mobile phone users are more than 57.4 billion, which increased 27.348 million than 2007. Such a great mobile terminal market caused the needs of mobile phone battery consumption. At the end of March 2008, calculated as one cell phone equipped with 2 pieces of battery, the national mobile phone users need 1.148 billion pieces of battery. And Chinese output in this line will be more than 34.727 billion RMB at the same time, if the Li-ion batteries was sold average ex-factory price of 30.25 RMB. Up to January 2010, the Chinese mobile phone battery production value has been more than 51.219 billion RMB.