Lithium polymer battery maintenance cell maintenance small knowledge

2017-12-28Back to news

Is there anything to be noticed in the maintenance of polymer batteries? As a new battery product that has been innovated after a lithium ion battery, is there anything to be noted for the usual use of a lithium polymer battery? Today, Mr. nine tells you what the lithium polymer battery needs to pay attention to when it is used normally.

First, it is the characteristic of the lithium polymer battery.  Compared with lithium ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries have improved the problem of liquid leakage, but they have not been completely improved. In addition, the lithium polymer battery can be made into ultra-thin battery. The thickness of 0.5mm can reach the capacity of 3.6V400 Ma, and the lithium polymer battery is 10% higher than the traditional lithium ion battery.

In daily use, lithium polymer battery, also a lithium-ion battery, is also very afraid of internal short circuit, external short circuit and overcharge. The reason is that the chemical properties of lithium are very active. When the battery discharged and charged, the interior of the battery will keep heating up. When the temperature is too high, the risk of explosion will happen.

Therefore, when you use the battery, don't try to pay attention to overcharge and over discharge, battery is stable with a plan, do not let the battery runs out, also do not charge for too long (generally within 8 hours is the most appropriate).

In addition, if you want to maintain the power of lithium polymer battery, it is better to discharge completely once a month, and then fill it up once again, which will help your battery maintain power and longer service life.