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Pda Battery

lFrom visiting nearby grocery stores to international brand stores, you will see that almost every store or enterprise is using

bar code scanners. This is a quick and effective way to add your overall order and continue trading. Sounds simple, doesn't it?

But they are more than just a simple business tool. In addition to business, they are also used for games, movies, events,

tracking products, and so on.

These useful tools are not suitable for your hard work. Instead, they need batteries to keep working. If you have a Honeywell

barcode scanner, the Honeywell lxe mx7 battery will be the best choice for uninterrupted service. Let's learn more about its

function, the process of placing and removing the battery from the scanner, and safety measures.

Product specification

The new Honeywell lxe mx7 battery is compatible with any type of original barcode scanner. This replacement battery

ensures a long service life and good performance.

· the battery consists of lithium ions.
· the battery provides a charging capacity of up to 3400mah.
· the battery shall be provided with a 12-month replacement warranty by the manufacturer.

Compatible products

These Honeywell lxe mx7 batteries are the best alternative to expensive or conventionally unavailable batteries. These types

of batteries are designed to work in harsh conditions. The best part about them is that they can effectively maintain 80%

power even one year after delivery. However, there are other battery series that are also compatible with bar code

scanners. Some of them include Honeywell lxe 159904-0001, lxemx7392batt-fn, mx7392bat, etc. Battery characteristics

Honeywell lxe mx7 battery is made of high-quality lithium-ion battery. Not only that, other interesting features also make

this battery an ideal choice for various bar code scanners. 

use high-quality "a" grade batteries.

it supports the best discharge characteristics.

the battery adopts gold-plated contact welding to provide high performance.

the battery adopts high-quality polycarbonate and ABS plastic design, with good strength and durability.

the battery has passed standard tests such as mechanical shock, short circuit and high altitude performance. After inserting

the battery and obtaining a new battery for the barcode scanner, you can put it into the scanner. Handle the battery carefully.

You should follow these steps:
· 1. Put the battery in suspend mode.
· 2. Separate the bottom hook of the bracelet.
· 3. Tilt one end of the fully charged battery to the top of the battery compartment, and then place the other end down until it is fully inserted into the battery compartment.
· 4. Power consumption immediately after the battery is placed successfully.

Take out the battery
Removing the battery from the barcode scanner is as simple as putting it into the scanner. Please follow the following steps to successfully remove the battery.
· the battery shall be placed in suspend mode.
· detach the bottom hook of the strap.
· tilt down the fixing clip of the battery to separate the main battery.
· remove the battery from the battery compartment.
· put the discharged battery into the active battery charger for charging.

Check battery status

To understand your current battery status, you need to click the battery tab. The power panel allows you to view the power

status, battery power and reaming power. Since the Honeywell lxe mx7 is manufactured for the use of lithium-ion batteries,

its charging time can be up to 9 to 10 hours. The more times you use the scanner, the less time it takes to charge the battery.
honeywell lxemx7 battery

Safe handling battery

By following recommendations and best practices, your scanner battery can have a long service life. Battery maintenance

starts from correct setting to correct disposal. Here are some safety measures to follow when handling batteries.

do not replace individual batteries in the battery pack.
· once your battery life is over, always discard them in a cool place.
· do not charge batteries that are damaged or show signs of leakage.
· always handle the battery according to the correct procedures mentioned in the manual. Inserting and removing battery in charging bag

The battery pack must be properly placed in the charging box. Incorrect procedures may damage your battery pack or even

your charger. When putting the battery pack into the charger, the battery and charging contact shall be aligned. Move the

front end of the battery pack to the front end of the battery charging bag.

When removing the battery from the charging bag, push the latch towards the battery. Then hold the latch firmly and


the battery from the charging bag.

Interpretation of charging bag LED

The battery charging state is indicated by the color of the LED. Here are color indicators that can help you determine battery status.

When the battery pack is charged, the red LED will be on continuously.

· when the battery pack fails or fails, the red LED will flash.

· when the battery is fully charged, a continuous green LED will light up.

· when the battery temperature is out of range, a continuous yellow LED will light up. In this case, the charging

box is in standby mode and waits for the battery pack to cool down.

PDA battery lxemx7


When the battery becomes seriously dirty, cleaning the battery will work. To clean the outside of the battery, use a mild detergent and a damp cloth. Avoid using flammable cleaners or solvents. After cleaning the outer surface, let it dry before charging or reuse. In addition, do not let the cleaner close to the charging contact.

keep in storage

Storage also plays a key role in improving battery performance. The battery pack should be stored in a dry or cool place. Keep away from adverse conditions. In addition, do not put the battery in a non working charger. Instead of charging, the battery will suddenly begin to discharge through the charger.

Barcode scanner is the Savior of all fields. For long service life of your scanner, it should be equipped with well maintained and durable batteries. By following these correct battery maintenance measures, you can ensure that you have a battery with long service life and equally excellent performance.